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Trump Meets With Famous Celebrity Who Blasted Him…No One Expected HIM!
By Cheryl Chumley|December 9, 2016

What a shift in tone this is.

Hollywood, which spent the better part of the months-long campaign condemning Donald Trump, and fueling fears of what an America would look like under a Trump administration – and has yet to accept him as the real president-elect – is now standing hat in hand before the billionaire businessman, begging for accommodation on policy desires?

That’s the message that can be drawn from one of Hollywood’s farthest left but most favored, who took it upon himself to sneak into Trump Tower and request a private sit-down with the soon-to-be president to press an environmental agenda.

Who was it?

None other than Leonardo DiCaprio, the same man who for months blasted Trump as unfit for the nation’s highest office.

As the Daily Mail reported: “DiCaprio made a secretive visit to Trump Tower to meet with the president-elect and his daughter Ivanka to discuss how green jobs can boost the economy.”

Along with DiCaprio was Terry Tamminen, the CEO of the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.

But the whole get-together was done on the sly.

“He was not pictured entering the lobby of Trump Tower and the meeting was only confirmed after it had taken place,” the Daily Mail reported.

The 90-minute meeting resulted in DiCaprio giving Trump a copy of a documentary he cut about the Green movement.

Aside from the gall of the far-left Hollywood type taking to Trump Tower to meet with someone he so previously and publicly opposed, the meeting was curious for another reason: Trump has gone on record as dismissing climate change as an “expensive hoax” that profited the far left.

And Trump’s meeting with DiCaprio came just a day after he met with another notable from the radical environmental movement, former vice president Al Gore.

Source: The Daily Mail

Cheryl Chumley
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