Look What Trump Just Did For Millions of Americans – They Said He Couldn’t Do It

Despite the doom and gloom spewed across the mainstream media, things are actually looking up in the United States.

Liberal judges and state lawmakers might be resisting Trump, but his influence is being felt all across the country. He’s making good on his promises. With the release of the GOP tax cut measures, things will only get better.

Now news has come out that proves we continue to win, as the job market is rebounding and growing.

From Wall Street Journal:

U.S. employers hired at a strong pace in October, and revisions showed the labor market weathered hurricane damage better than previously estimated.

Nonfarm payrolls rose a seasonally adjusted 261,000 in October, a pickup from the prior month, the Labor Department said Friday.

The unemployment rate ticked down to 4.1%, its lowest level since December 2000…

When combined with August and September’s job growth, estimates of which were revised up, data show the economy added jobs over the last three months at a pace of 162,000 a month…

In October, 6.52 million workers who wanted a job couldn’t find one. And a broad measure of unemployment that includes Americans stuck in part-time jobs or too discouraged to look for work fell to 7.9%, matching its lowest level since 2006.

Since Trump has been elected, the economy has been looking good. The stock market continues to rise, built on optimism in his leadership. Companies have continued to announce moves back into the United States (most recent one is Broadcom, announced this week). There has been a significant decrease in people relying on government handouts.

And of course, people are going back to work!

It’s important to note that the October job market was so good, after three hurricanes rocked the United States. Normally, in times of crisis, the economy contracts. People get scared, spend less, and businesses are hurt.

Yet despite three hurricanes hitting Texas, the Gulf Coast, Florida and Puerto Rico, the U.S. economy is being better than expected. That’s a testament to the optimism felt by many Americans, thanks to Trump’s leadership.

Liberals can fume and point fingers, but they can’t erase the facts.

Source: WSJ

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