Breaking: Trump Negotiates For One HOUR, Saves Taxpayers $1 BILLION…Obama Humiliated!

It’s sad to think that the American people haven’t seen what real leadership looks like for… at least eight years.

I wager it’s been much longer than that. Most Americans who’ve been around the block a few times will say we haven’t seen real, strong leadership since the days of Ronald Reagan. Some might even be old enough to say it’s been since Eisenhower.

They’d all be right, of course. Even conservative leaders of the past have lacked the backbone, integrity, and confidence to do the right thing for the American people. They haven’t even been strong enough to make good on their campaign promises.

But now we have a president who, in only a month’s time, has made great strides in fulfilling major promises he’s made during the election. The left and the liberal media are panicking. They don’t know what do make of a leader who actually means what he says.

Nor does the American people. It’s been so long since we’ve had a leader to be proud of, that it takes getting used to when we hear good things coming from President Trump.

At a recent rally in Florida, Trump continued to win over the American people will just a survey of some of his administration’s accomplishments in the first month. He spoke of some great victories–only the beginning–that will help save the taxpayer billions.

It’s the kind of leadership we always deserved, but have never seen.

From Daily Caller:

President Donald Trump purportedly knocked a billion dollars off the price tag of the new Air Force One planes manufactured by Boeing, he told an audience at a campaign rally in Florida.

Trump told the audience Saturday he only spent an hour or so directly negotiating with Boeing. The new Air Force One Boeing 747s would not be delivered to the U.S. Air Force until 2024, and originally were slated to cost approximately $4 billion.

“We’re going to get it done for less than that, and we’re committed to working together to make sure that happens,” Boeing’s CEO told reporters during the presidential transition. He continued that he gave Trump a “personal commitment” to cut costs on the project.

For years we’ve been forced to accept the fact that the federal government wastes our money. The kind of financial abuses that take place by leaders we elect, with the money we provide, have just be common.

It’s almost an alien idea that we have a President who is trying to lower costs, for our sakes. Remember, Trump doesn’t get anything out of lower the cost of Air Force One; in fact, he might be getting a less-impressive plane for himself. But as a fiscally responsible leader, who has negotiated good deals all his life, he refuses to agree to anything that will harm the American people.

Already Trump’s administration comes as a breath of fresh air, after decades of liars and incompetents.

Trump will lower the cost of doing government. He will strengthen our military. He will root our illegal aliens and stamp our radical Islamic terrorism. And he will give the power back to the American people.

Liberals and insiders don’t like this. They were comfortable with the way things were. They were comfortable with a situation that gave them ample power and kickbacks, while depriving the American people of influence, opportunity, and prosperity.

But that age is over. We are in the Trump-era now. Get used to hearing stories like these. Because they will continue to poor in.

Source: Daily Caller

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