SHOCK REPORT: Trump Plans To Go NUCLEAR On Supreme Court…Liberals Are Freaking Out!

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign alerted millions of voters to the importance of the Supreme Court in American society. With the Supreme Court increasingly “legislating from the bench” on controversial issues like gay marriage, having a president with the power to appoint non-“progressive” judges is a must.

Trump vowed to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia with a judge who shared his conservative Constitutionalist views. In fact, Trump may have the opportunity to appoint more than one justice during his administration, which could have far-reaching effects.

According to CNN, however, right now Team Trump is focusing on the existing empty place on the bench:

Democrats have not firmly said if they will filibuster a nominee — and Republicans have not flatly said they would break that filibuster through a rules change known as the “nuclear option” — but those cards are effectively on the table, weeks before Trump submits a nominee.

Senate Republican leaders are holding their cards tight when it comes to possibly breaking a filibuster by simply rewriting the rules to only require 51 votes to end the debate — a move known as the “nuclear option.”

There is no question that whoever Trump appoints, that individual will face an uphill battle — to put it mildly.

Some will recall the vicious confirmation hearings for Robert Bork (who was rejected) and Clarence Thomas (who was accepted, but only after a sordid spectacle that he called “a high tech lynching.”)

These hearings give Democratic lawmakers a chance to perform for the cameras and boost their careers by providing juicy soundbites for the media. They don’t really care about the nominee’s qualifications or the good of the country, as long as they can stick it to Trump and show off.

However, CNN adds that Republicans in Congress have “a long memory” of those hearings and others, and hinted that they were out for revenge.

Don’t expect the GOP to go down without a fight this time around.

Source: The Right Scoop

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