Trump Obliterates Snowflake’s Favorite Program—And College Campuses Are Raging

When Donald Trump says he’s going to improve the lives of Americans, he means it.

He’s not going to burden citizens with entitlement programs, or make Americans dependent on the system. He is going to reform the system and make sure every American has the opportunity to succeed.

That’s just what he’s doing to a decades-old program that has been abused and used to harm students.

From Daily Wire:

On Tuesday, the Trump Department of Justice announced that they would move to combat the racism inherent in college admissions affirmative action.

Instead of using the DOJ Civil Rights Division as a sort of defense mechanism for radical leftist groups, as the Obama administration did, the Trump administration will use the office to crack down on actual discrimination, pursuing “investigations and possible litigation related to intentional race-based discrimination in college and university admissions,” according to an internal document.

This is a welcome development, despite the Left’s quick move to demagogue the issue by claiming that this is somehow a white identity politics defense mechanism from the Trump administration. Often, the groups hurt most by affirmative action are minorities like Asian-Americans and Jews…

[A]ffirmative action has done little or nothing to advance black economic interests. According to Stephen and Abigail Thernstrom of the liberal Brookings Institute, “not only did significant advances pre-date the affirmative action era, but the benefits of race-conscious politics are not clear.

In the decades since affirmative action policies were first instituted, the poverty rate has remained basically unchanged. Despite black gains by numerous other measures, close to 30 percent of black families still live below the poverty line.”

Affirmative action has been used by the left to create an uneven playing field, both in colleges and the work place. It’s actually created more discrimination than it’s helped. Even past democrats—like JFK—were against the idea.

This policy has done nothing to really help black Americans. It’s also been used to punish people who succeed.

And, of course, affirmative action is unfair to those of other races who outperform the minorities who benefit. A Princeton University study showed that blacks received a “bonus” of 230 points on SAT scores versus their competitors on the old 1600-point scale; by contrast, Asians are penalized 50 points.

How is that fair and equal?

Once again, we see how liberal policies and programs actually harm Americans. Yet the left will virtue signal, claiming that Trump is trying to hurt black Americans.

When it was the left whose been hurting them all along.

Source: Daily Wire

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