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Trump Already Outperforms Obama On Jobs…But Conservative Response STUNS Him!
By Cheryl Chumley|December 5, 2016

Note to Donald Trump supporters: What follows is some criticism of the president-elect, from sources that typically support him.

Trump’s business-saving ventures in Indiana, where he kept Carrier from moving to Mexico and in so doing, saved roughly 1,100 jobs from going south of the border, has been widely heralded in conservative circles as a plus and as a marked difference with President Obama’s White House, where corporations fled.

But at least a handful on the right are cautioning against Trump’s rhetoric – specifically, the part where he threatens to punish those companies that leave America by taxing the heck out of them if they want to sell products back on U.S. property.

In a series of tweets, Trump said:

As Hot Air pointed: Trump’s remarks are similar to what Obama said in 2010.

And whether it’s Obama or Trump, the rhetoric is wrong, Hot Air opined.

“This is the government picking winners and losers, and far from the free markets conservatives claim to love,” the news blog wrote. “This is not the way a so-called conservative (which Trump and his supporters promised he was) is supposed to act.”

At the same time, Hot Air criticized Trump’s use of tax breaks to help businesses like Carrier stay in the United States, saying it conflicts with his previous “drain the swamp” mantra about D.C. politicking.

“This is one of the major dangers of cronyism, because there’s never a guarantee the company which gets the tax breaks will actually spend money the way they promise.”

Hot Air warned: Don’t praise Trump and vice president Mike Pence for their wheelings and dealings to keep businesses in America.

“What will be even more interesting is what happens if/when he doesn’t get his way,” the news blog wrote. “Will he accept defeat or decide to use executive orders to bypass Congress?”

What do you think? Is this an overreach of Presidential power, of is it in his right to use companies as examples to keep American jobs in America and create new growth for our people? Comment below and let us know why Trump should – or shouldn’t – get companies to keep jobs in America!

Source: Hot Air

Cheryl Chumley
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