Trump Receives PHENOMENAL News From Mexican President…No One Saw THIS Coming!

With Trump soon to take office, he has made his first 100 days very clear. During this crucial period, he plans on accomplishing some of his most important campaign promises.

With support of Congress, he will easily repeal and replace Obamacare. He will take measures to strengthen our military and national security. And he will secure our borders like never before.

He recently made it clear that the much-discussed border wall across Mexico will begin work almost immediately. Critics have attacked Trump’s plan to pay for the wall with tax payer dollars, to be reimburse by Mexico later.

Mexican leaders have been adamant about their refusal to support such a project, although they have little say in it.

But now it looks like they are beginning to change their tune.

From Conservative Tribune:

In a meeting with ambassadors and consuls yesterday, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto said that Mexico will invest in modernizing and increasing security along the border, according to El Financiero…

At his New York news conference yesterday, Trump doubled down on his pledge to build the wall sooner rather than later and to keep American jobs from heading to Mexico.

Once Trump takes office, you can expect some strong and effective negotiations between himself and the president of Mexico. He will easily get Mexico to pay for the wall. Nieto’s recent remarks about “modernizing” security is a sign that he is already acquiescing to Trump.

With some expert deal-making from Trump, that modernizing will come in the form of a border wall.

During the campaign, Trump met with Nieto to discuss this very issue. They came out of the meeting optimistic, even with a very practical plan for paying for the wall–using funds seized from drug cartels.

The current resistance from Mexico is fueled by their fear over what they’d lose if the border is actually defended.

Mexico has a lot to lose if border security is tightened. Mexicans in the U.S. currently send home some $25 billion in remittances each year. Stopping the flow of cash would prove devastating to the Mexican economy, and Peña Nieto said he would work to “maintain the free flow of remittances,” according to Malaysia’s Sun Daily.

For far too long Mexico has benefited financially from the abuse of our border. They have thrived thanks to illegal immigrants entering our country, depriving Americans from work, and leeching off our government programs. Cash that should be put back into our economy is being siphoned off to Mexico.

So yeah, I think they’re going to pay for that wall.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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