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Trump Preparing Exit? Shock Claim From Leading Conservative
By PJ Editor|April 12, 2016

When your brand is built on being a winner, what happens when you stop winning?

Recently Donald Trump’s early success has hit the skids.

Now people are starting to wonder if he really wants to risk his brand and his pop culture image for the sake of a campaign that is facing increasingly long odds of securing the Republican nomination.

Steve Deace is no friend of Trump, but he has raised some interesting questions in a new piece in Conservative Review.

Not only will Ted Cruz have won five victories in a row following Wyoming’s convention this weekend, but he will have captured that many delegate majorities in a row, too. Since Marco Rubio left the race, Cruz has doubled Trump’s delegate wins by a count of 129-66. Trump’s ceiling has remained stagnant since the field started winnowing as well. Additionally, since Iowa’s first-in-the-nation caucuses, Trump’s national polling average has only increased by five points despite the field narrowing to two.

Deace then predicts how Trump will behave if he really doesn’t believe that he can win the nomination.

If Trump thinks he can’t win. If Trump believes the writing is on the wall and his campaign will just slowly bleed out from here until it’s eventually finished off in Cleveland, you will see his hallmark conspiracy theorizing, flaming, and reality show-style trolling increase all the more. This is how Trump will grease the skids for his forthcoming unceremonious exit, by corrupting the process on his way out so he can hold onto his minions by playing the victim card (he’ll use the word “unfair” more than ever). Trump will then leverage those minions as the potential audience for whatever reality show or other deal he cuts post-campaign.

Does Deace see it going this way?

Given his new Wormtongue ridiculously comparing Cruz to the Nazis on Meet the Press Sunday morning, it looks like it’s the latter. Which means “Make America Great Again” is about to become “The Trailer Park Boys.”

Source: Conservative Review


PJ Editor
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