WOW: Trump Plays Presidential Role In Milwaukee! Gives INSPIRING Speech On…

Donald Trump has delivered a series of speeches pretty much daily, each one devoted to a specific issue, and each one earning praise. In particular, his address to a huge crowd north of Milwaukee—coincidentally, the scene of rioting after another police-involved shooting—garnered a positive response.

Of course, Republican candidates always promise to help African-Americans, yet these speeches and vows never seem to earn them much support in the black community. Trump on the other hand seems to have somehow struck a nerve and the general consensus is that this speech genuinely impressed some African-American voters.

In the Washington Examiner, Byron York called the speech “focused, powerful and disciplined.”

In all, the speech lasted 38 minutes, which is about half an hour shorter than many Trump rally speeches. It covered a lot of ground, without the asides and diversions that can characterize Trump speeches. As it was being delivered, journalists listening in the room and beyond knew they were hearing something different.

CBS News’ Major Garrett tweeted, “Having been listening since August 2015, objectively best drafted & best delivered Trump speech of campaign. Will resonate.” The Pittsburgh Tribune’s Salena Zito tweeted that Trump “just gave a very good, excellent, red meat, presidential timber speech. Literally.”

After acknowledging that the usual suspects like Donna Brazile had derided it, Byron concluded, “Trump gave a big, serious speech that will have to be reckoned with. This one will be argued about for quite a while.”

Credit: Washington Examiner

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