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Trump Protests So Stupid…Even THIS LIBERAL Doesn’t Understand Them!
By Cheryl Chumley|November 11, 2016

What are they even protesting? The democratic process? Their loss?

And, what are they proving? That they are the worst losers of all time?

Finally, what do they think the protests will do, initiate a revote that will produce their desired outcome?

This liberal outrage and awful behavior even has leftist MSNBC news host Chris Matthews a bit stumped. Looks like the protesters who’ve taken to the streets to decry Trump’s win by blocking traffic, setting fires and defacing buildings with graffiti have all of us confused.

During a recent segment that included panelists from both pro-Trump and pro-Clinton camps, Matthews bluntly asked: What are they protesting, after all?

His words, from Real Clear Politics: “I’m always open to the economic argument. I do accept that Marxist tradition, really, which is a good one, which is [to] always try to explain elections by economics. And I think it always works.”

Supporting Karl Marx theory for any purpose aside, Matthews eventually had a decent thought.

First, he pointed to the fact that most of the protesters were in their 20s, likely college students, and they marched from the West Village of New York City past Trump Tower to take their anti-Trump stance public.

“[But] what kind of a statement is it really to make? They lost,” Matthews said.

MoveOn.org’s Katrine Jean-Pierre tried a defense, saying the protesters are grieving the election, and they do, after all, have a First Amendment right.

But then Trump backer Steve Cortez countered with this: “These protesters are not exercising their First Amendment rights. … They don’t have a right to stop traffic. They’ don’t have a right to get in the way of commerce. That’s not the First Amendment. That’s being a spoiled brat.”

On top of that, he said, the protesters were showing their ignorance to use democracy to protest democracy when it was democracy itself that brought Trump the White House.

Source: Real Clear Politics

Cheryl Chumley
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