Trump ATTACKS! Publicly CHALLENGES Hillary…Will She Respond?

As overwhelming evidence piles up, people are beginning to realize that there is something seriously wrong with Hillary Clinton.

No, I’m not talking about her decades of corruption, but her health. We know that for months there have been signs that she is suffering from something serious, perhaps life-threatening.

Despite concerns from various corners of society, her campaign has dodged the issue, attacking anyone who asks.

Now Trump is doubling down on this very subject, in a way that might finally force Crooked Hillary to come clean.

From Independent Journal:

Variety reports that Thursday, Trump plans to go on “The Dr. Oz Show” with his daughter Ivanka to talk about his “own personal health regimen.”

Trump told “Fox and Friends” that since the health of the candidates has become an even bigger issue recently, he underwent a complete physical last week and will present the findings on the Dr. Oz show:

“This last week I took a physical and I’ll be releasing the numbers when they come in. Hopefully, they’re going to be good. I feel great. But when the numbers come in, I’ll be releasing very … very specific numbers. … The reports should be finished this week.”

Earlier this year, Trump released a statement from his long-time doctor, detailing among other things, his overall health, cholesterol numbers, and blood pressure. Despite that, he is willing to release a more recent and thorough report, simply to put Hillary on the spot.

It’s a good thing too. Hillary and her complicit goons in the media have tried to avoid the issue, even as shocking events have exposed her illness.

We all watched as she collapsed outside her van on 9-11. We saw the footage of the coughing fits and erratic behavior. For a long time we’ve seen her need help standing or walking.

So just what is wrong with Hillary? Will we get a comprehensive report that addresses the real issues, or will she lie again?

Either way, this isn’t helping her campaign.

Source: Independent Journal

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