WOW: Trump Releases His FINAL Ad…The Argument for America! [WATCH]

Donald Trump’s message, from the very beginning of his campaign, has been “Make America Great Again.”  It has resonated across America with people who want to see a great comeback in such challenging times.

Trump has not minced words about how he wants to accomplish this objective. The number one goal at the top of his ‘to do”  list is to undo all of the nefarious, anti-American, bigoted and outright treasonous things we’ve had to endure during the last 7.75 years of the Obamafiasco.

A regime that has weakened the infrastructure of America economically, militarily, spiritually, morally, culturally, and just about every other way one can think of. We have been divided as a nation by a president who told us he would bring us all together.

We all know at this stage that his statements were nothing but talking points that were nowhere near the truth. His protege, Hillary Clinton, wants to follow in his shoes and continue with his ‘great work’ of turning America into a third world cesspool.

But Donald Trump is showing his moxy in opposing the unconstitutional, un-American and self serving career politicians that have passed themselves off as statesmen these many years. In fact that is exactly what makes him so appealing to most of his supporters.

Trump’s final appeal to Americans, seen below, tells it like it is:

This is exactly what America needs at this point in its history! Someone with the guts to tell the establishment leeches they’re not wanted here anymore.

The fact that Trump isn’t one of the parasitic Washington elites is what makes him so attractive. We don’t care what kinds of sleazeballs the Hillary campaign can dredge up to falsely accuse Trump of all kinds of “crimes.”  We know it’s all bunk and we will remain focused on clearing the scum out of the US government. We believe Trump will help us do it!

Source: Hot Air

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