Donald Trump Just Responded To Katie Couric’s BS Anti-Gun Movie…In EPIC Trump Fashion!

Beware the kind of documentaries you watch.

Although a documentary might present itself as an informative, education film, it can be used to misrepresent or outright distort an issue. Because it is a form of entertainment, and created by filmmakers with an agenda, the “facts” can be warped to make you believe anything.

We’ve seen this time and again, filmmakers creating “factual” documentaries about a cause. Their biased views cause them to either show only one side of an argument or conveniently leave out necessary information.

The most recent pile of garbage comes from liberal newswoman Katie Couric. Once a plucky, beloved anchorwoman on TV, Couric now sees herself as a “serious” news maker; another social justice warrior determined to undermine our nation’s constitutional freedoms.

Which freedoms you may ask? Most notably the right to bear arms.

From Yes I Right:

This documentary served the left’s narrative that guns are bad and no one should have them. Not only that, but they make us less safe, not more. Couric, in her movie, asks gun owners how they could stop felons or terrorists from purchasing a gun, and in her movie, there was eight seconds of silence, implying that they had no answer to the question and arming liberals with another anti-gun message.

What the movie doesn’t show is that those interviewed had an immediate answer to the question. But deceptive editing was used to make you believe gun sellers are irresponsible. Couric wants you to believe the lie that guns are being handed out like free candy to the most dangerous people in the world.

Any gun owner knows how hard it can be to get a gun. You’ve gone through extensive background checks, waiting periods, and paid enormous prices to exercise your right. But the left wing Couric doesn’t care. She’s willing to lie to convince her viewers that you’re all nut jobs who want terrorists to own weapons.

Of course this documentary didn’t go unnoticed by Donald Trump, who had this to say:

Hopefully more Americans will adopt his view on news fakers like Couric and reject such blatantly false documentaries.

Source: Yes I Right

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