She Was BEATEN For Defending Trump’s Hollywood Star…Now The Donald Has Issued EPIC Response!

We were shocked when we learned that a radical activist defaced public property in a pathetic attempt to discredit GOP nominee Donald Trump.

The historic and well-loved Hollywood walk of fame is a tourist landmark. People from all over the world visit Los Angeles to see the many star-studded names along the sidewalk, including business mogul, TV-star, and future president Donald Trump.

But a few days ago a liberal “artist,” incapable of confronting Trump directly, chose to cowardly deface this piece of Americana.

The story only gets worse from there. It seems that a Trump supporter, a homeless African American woman, camped out to defend the star.

The reaction from the left was downright disgraceful.

From Breitbart:

The Los Angeles police are looking for a homeless woman who was verbally abused and harassed on Thursday for protecting Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of fame.

A videotape taken Thursday and reported on by Breitbart News showed a woman sitting on the sidewalk with pro-Donald Trump signs being cursed at and according to the Los Angeles Times “apparently bumped to the ground.”

The signs criticized President Obama’s “selling out of African Americans” and protested illegal immigration while there were so many homeless people living on the streets. The video shows one heavy set man with tattoos ripping up the woman’s signs.

The sign read: “20 million illegals and Americans sleep on the streets in tent. Vote Trump.” The LAPD said they would write up a misdemeanor battery report on behalf of the woman. But Trump’s people are going a step farther.

Friday Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s attorney, messaged on his twitter account that he is looking for the woman and that Mr. Trump “has a gift for her.”

As of the posting of this article, they are still looking for the brave woman. If anyone has information regarding the #StarProtector, be sure to notify Michael Cohen.

Source: Breitbart

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