Trump REVOLT: Supporters Walk As Cruz Backers Block Their Votes, Steals Delegates In KEY STATE

The race to become the next President is a heated battle. It’s hard work and every vote counts.

So it’s not surprising when we learn that candidates blame their rivals for questionable tactics, or that they are in fact doing them.

Recently, the Trump campaign has accused Cruz’s people of staging an attack in George that prevented pro-Trump delegates from voting. Despite the fact that Trump handily won the state, they’re still pressing the matter, perhaps in an effort to discredit Cruz.

According to Breitbart:

Trump supporters walked out of the district convention in Buford Saturday after a Cruz-Rubio alliance bumped all of the potential Trump delegates off that district’s slate. But the chaos in Buford happened everywhere at Saturday’s district conventions, with Cruz supporters isolating and targeting pro-Trump delegate candidates in order to reverse Georgia’s votes on a potential second ballot at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland in July.

Stories are coming in that Cruz supporters tried to rebuild entire committees, kick Trump-supporters off committees, and replace members with others that voiced a pro-Cruz attitude.

The strategy seems to have come from the top, as an email from Ted Cruz urged volunteers to find ways of putting his delegates in the forefront.

It appears Cruz’s plan is to undermine the will of the American people, many of whom support Trump, by banking on established GOP members.

“Once again, the Cruz campaign showed that they prefer the decision of who is the Republican Nominee be placed with Republican Party insiders, instead of the millions of voters that go to the polls and vote in the Republican Primary,” pro-Trump delegate nominee Debbie Dooley, who was deposed Saturday, told Breitbart News. “They demonstrated they are more than willing to overturn elections in order to elect Ted Cruz president. In Georgia, the Cruz campaign systematically worked to disenfranchise the 502,000 Georgians that cast their vote for Donald Trump on March 1st.”

Regardless of who you’re supporting during the primary, this kind of behavior cannot stand. Cruz, and every other candidate, must campaign fairly and let the voters in each state voice their opinion. Strong-arming voters, hoping that your buddies in the GOP will back you, is the a violation of democracy at it’s very core.

Source: Breitbart News

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