Trump Rips CNN, But The Crowd’s Two-Word Response Leaves Donald Speechless

There have been many gifted speakers throughout our nation’s political history, but there has never been anything like what President Donald Trump brings to the table when he’s in his element.

He was in his element last night – big league, as he might say – in front of a jam-packed crowd in Phoenix.

While the president has given speeches and delivered remarks in the wake of Charlottesville, this was his first opportunity to really let loose.

Did he ever. The mainstream media has been smugly treating him like a pinata, and this was Trump’s opportunity to strike back. That he did, in big league fashion.

Independent Journal Review reports on Trump’s interaction with the crowd:

The Phoenix crowd erupted in boos when Trump referenced the “dishonest media.” He particularly narrowed out the network CNN, a favorite target which he refers to as “Fake News.”

The crowd also interrupted the president’s speech when he mentioned CNN with chants of “CNN sucks!”

“What happens with them — if they are doing a story, I know if it’s honest or false. It’s so dishonest because it’s like the failing “New York Times.” Which is so bad. Or The Washington Post, which I call a lobbying tool for Amazon. Or CNN, so bad and so pathetic. Their ratings are going down. Right?”

Much to the dismay of the mainstream press, the crowd completely ate it up.

Trump went through his Charlottesville remarks in great detail to expose the tall tales that the media has been spinning, and you can just imagine the priceless reactions on the faces of those that make ripping Trump some kind of sport.

Almost as if on cue, MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell laughably broke in right in the middle of Trump’s epic rant against the media. That couldn’t have been timed more perfectly, as he further exposed the network as a roster full of partisan hacks.

Amazingly, CNN would wait until after the speech to have its group therapy session in the form of the network’s non-stop panels full of what Trump refers to as ‘lightweights.’    

Trump then could not speak for 30 seconds due to the chants of “CNN sucks!”

“They don’t report the facts,” Trump said. “Just like they don’t want to report that I spoke out forcefully against hatred, bigotry, and violence — and strongly condemned the neo-Nazis, the white supremacists, and the KKK. I openly called for unity, healing and love.”

This was one of the more memorable pieces of political theater that we will ever witness. After being pummeled for over a week by the press, Trump showed that he has plenty of fight left.

He excoriated the mainstream media, and the packed crowd loved every minute of it.

No matter how the media chooses to spin it today, the bottom line is that Trump has taken control of the fight yet again.

He’s back. Big league.

Source: Independent Journal Review

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