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WINNING! Trump Romps In Pennsylvania…Picks Up MOST Of Uncommitted Delegates [CHART]
By PJ Editor|April 27, 2016

A lot has been made of Ted Cruz’s strength in the ground game.

He has vacuumed up hundreds of delegate slots with allies, including many that are committed to Donald Trump on any first ballot vote at the Republican National Convention.

There has been a fear among Trump supporters that this is what would play out in Pennsylvania.

However, to Cruz’s surprise and Trump’s glee, the 54 uncommitted delegate slots in Pennsylvania have not been captured by Cruz partisans. Medium has the details…

Donald Trump won 17 bound delegates with the popular vote in Pennsylvania. The state’s other 54 delegates, three per Congressional District, are unbound.

TOTALS for the 54 Pennsylvania district delegates:
Publicly committed: Trump 28 Cruz 3 Uncommitted 23
With leaners + “district winners”: Trump 38 Cruz 4 Kasich 4 Uncommitted 8

When you factor in the 17 bound delegates, that means that Trump actually captured 55 of the 71 Pennsylvania delegates, making a first ballot nomination victory almost certain!


Source: Medium

PJ Editor
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