Trump Romped! New York YUGE! See Just How BIG The Win Was…Updated Vote, Delegate Counts [CHARTS]

In recent weeks, Donald Trump has been campaigning like a madman in his home state of New York.

With polls declaring him the winner long in advance, you’d think he would have taken it back a bit, reserving his energy.  Yet he knew what many others knew: if he won New York, he wins the nomination.

And yesterday, that’s just what he did.

New York councilman Joe Borelli made this whopping prediction:

“Trump is probably going to win over 50 percent in the majority of the congressional districts around the state and I think he comes away with the vast majority of delegates,” he said. “And a week after that, we’re in five Northeastern states, where we have 172 delegates that are at stake, and by all polling, it seems as though Donald Trump is going to go out with the lion’s share of those as well. That brings him over the thousand mark. So, I think… Donald Trump will be the presumptive nominee come the convention.” 

Donald Trump does have a better chance of winning Northeastern states, seeing as how Texas Conservative Ted Cruz has little in common with them.  Cruz’s statements calling that region’s values into question also hasn’t helped him.

With Trump’s win in New York, he is closer to the GOP nomination.  Time will tell if he is able to rack up enough delegates to prevent a brokered convention.

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Source: Breitbart, Ace of Spades Decision Desk, Green Papers, Rasmussen Consulting

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