Trump Saw That His Waitress Was a Bernie Voter…What Happened Next Is Awesome!

This is too good not to pass along to all of the Patriot Journal readers.

Donald Trump schools an unsuspecting Bernie Sanders supporter on the pitfalls of socialism.

Pardon the redundancy, unsuspecting and Bernie supporter go hand in hand apparently.

We found this tidbit on Yes I’m Right:

Donald Trump walks into a restaurant, sits at a booth, and begins looking at the menu. His waitress comes along, wearing a “FeelTheBern” tee shirt, and a Bernie Sanders 2016 wristband. After ordering his food, Trump asked her, “I’m curious, why do you support Bernie?” Her eyes widen as she says, “Bernie said it’s not fair that rich people like you have all the money, while poor people get nothing! The poor know way better how to use their money than the rich do. We need socialism in this country!”

After Trump is finished eating, he pays the tab and leaves the restaurant. The waitress comes running out after him, fuming mad. She yells, “Hey. You didn’t leave a tip, you jerk! Don’t you know how hard I work?” Trump says, “Of course I know how hard you work. But I was thinking of what you said earlier and gave your tip to the homeless guy sleeping in the parking lot. I figured it wasn’t fair that you got all the tips and he got none. After all, he’d know how to use the money way better than you. Enjoy your socialism!”

Tag a Bernie fan on social media and find out if they have a sense of humor.

Source: Yes I’m Right.

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