WHOA! Trump Just Picked Up a MASSIVE Endorsement…Could Deliver Pennsylvania!

“We’re going to put a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business.” That’s what Hillary Clinton said back in March.

Those words have come back to haunt the Democratic presidential hopeful ever since. Her explanation only makes things worse:

You see, she wants to steer America away from coal and into “green” energy. That is, unreliable and expensive “green” energy, that relies on government subsidies — and, amusingly, backup power from coal and the like — to be even marginally feasible.

Green energy is a utopian scheme. Back on planet earth, Donald Trump just landed a huge endorsement from a fellow businessman who understands that reality.

According to ConservativeTribune.com:

On Monday, presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump met privately with coal mogul Bob Murray. During the engagement between the two, many questions were exchanged and many answers were provided, according to SNL Financial. Upon the conclusion of the meeting, Murray officially endorsed Trump, stating that he’s “got his head on right.”

In his speech after the private meeting, Murray said that there was only one thing that can be said to coal miners who lose their jobs and cry in the coal giant’s office.

“Democrats,” he stated. “That’s all you can say.”

Key swing states like Ohio, Colorado and Pennsylvania are also major coal producing states.

It will be fascinating to see how well Donald Trump performs in all three in November.

Credit: ConservativeTribune.com

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