Trump Scores Another Historic Victory…Brokers Major Deal, Drains The Swamp!

Donald Trump ingeniously used Twitter to directly communicate with his millions of supporters (and win over many more), bypassing the biased mainstream media.

He’s still using it to broadcast his agenda as president, and one subject of pressing concern is the cost of aviation projects.

First he denounced the high cost of Air Force One, but now Trump is focussed on another big ticket plane.

Zero Hedge reports:

It appears the so-called ‘Twitter-spanking’ approach of president-elect Trump is working. First Carrier, then Ford, and now, following his earlier jab at Lockheed’s F-35 costs by asking Boeing to price-out a comparable F-18, Lockheed Martin CEO Marillyn Hewson has reportedly given Trump her “personal commitment” to “aggressively” drive down costs of the F-35 program. The question is what was the quid-pro-quo in this instance?

As yet again Trump appears to have won. It is perhaps no wonder though given that 78% of Lockheed’s net sales were from the US Government.

So your biggest customer – by a country mile – is putting pressure on you to cut costs or he will cease his purchases of your biggest revenue producer to your biggest competitor… what would you do?

It’s interesting to watch how Trump operates: With Carrier and others, he “picks up the phone,” invites individuals to Trump Tower and otherwise makes a personal one-on-one appeal. Not surprisingly given that Trump wrote “The Art of the Deal,” this tactic seems to have worked well so far.

As Zero Hedge sums it up:

Maybe having a “dealmaker” in The White House won’t be so bad after all?

Source: Zero Hedge

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