GENIUS: Trump Set The Trap…And Hillary Walked Right Into It! Here’s How He Did It…

He’s no Republican, but one life-long Democrat is applauding Donald Trump’s latest ingenious strategic victory, and says that liberals have only themselves to blame for falling for it.

Hillary Clinton’s camp wanted this week to be about her, and the “star studded” Democratic National Convention, where she would “make history” as the first woman nominated as the presidential candidate of a major party. Instead, they couldn’t resist piling on Trump after he talked about Russia’s possible role in the hacking of her email server, and it backfired, big time.

As reports:

Political strategist Pat Caddell, a veteran of numerous Democratic campaigns, talked to Breitbart News Daily Thursday about President Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention.

“Yesterday was one of the most amazing days I’ve ever seen,” he declared. “Throwing the ‘treason’ word around, the T-word, if you will. Why were they walking into the trap?”

He agreed with Bannon that Trump was deliberately baiting Democrats and the media by making controversial comments about Clinton’s emails, and “they walked right into the trap, believe me.”

Caddell went on to praise the Democrat’s vice presidential pick with faint praise, saying Tim Kaine “seems like a very, basically nice man” who’s now asking himself, “‘What am I doing here?’” He also said that former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s harsh criticisms of Trump was simply a matter of “jealousy among billionaires.”

It’s rare to get this kind of candor from an insider and political operative like Pat Caddell. Trump’s people will love this.

Credit: Breitbart

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