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Is Donald Trump In Trouble? Huge Changes To Campaign Have Many Wondering [BREAKING]
By PJ Editor|April 7, 2016

Generally when a campaign is going well, it is full speed ahead without making too many changes. That is not what is happening within the Trump campaign.

Whether it was the loss in Wisconsin, the news that Ted Cruz’s organizations is sniping delegates all over the country or the new poll that shows his disapproval close to 70%, big changes are happening on Planet Trump.

Vanity Fair has the story…

For weeks, people have been calling for the head of Corey Lewandowski, Donald Trump’s campaign manager, after he was charged with battery for allegedly injuring a female reporter.

So far, Trump has publicly stood by his campaign manager, but new reports indicate that, internally, Lewandowski’s iron grip on the campaign has weakened.

So who is coming in to right the ship?

One of the new marquee names on Team Trump is Paul Manafort, a D.C. strategist who Politico reported was hired to take over some of Lewandowski’s responsibilities and oversee his convention strategy.

Trump also promoted several people to take other jobs away from Lewandowski, such as hiring field staff and dealing with press.

“I’m not saying Corey’s going to be fired or anything because I don’t think he’s going to be, at least not at this juncture,” one person involved in the campaign told Politico. “But Mr. Trump’s listening to other people now. The crew’s expanding. The inner circle is not what it used to be.”

If you are a Donald Trump fan, this is not what you want to be seeing in the middle of April.

Source: Vanity Fair

PJ Editor
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