Trump Shames Hillary With HILARIOUS Joke…Media Fact-Checks, Exposes Their STUPIDITY!

The attempts by the mainstream media to protect Hillary Clinton are reaching a breaking point. They are so desperate to defend the candidate, they are willing to distort the facts, even while they are supposed to be fact checking.

It forces a causal viewer to wonder why they are trying so hard. The goal of every journalistic outlet is to present the facts. If Trump did lie during the second debate, then prove it. If he told the truth, suck it up and admit that.

Their attempts to malign Trump unjustly only go to harm their credibility as trustworthy sources for news and information.

But this time around, their dishonest “fact checking” is practically laughable.

From Breitbart:

CNN and NBC both attempted to “fact check” claims made during the second presidential debate about Hillary Clinton’s email scandal, particularly Donald Trump’s claims that she tried to “acid wash” 33,000 emails on her secret private server. And both networks did their best to cover up for Clinton — laughably so…

NBC News actually fact-checked Trump’s statement as if he had actually suggested that she used chemical acid to delete the emails on her server. It rated the claim false because “Clinton’s team used an app called BleachBit; she did not use a corrosive chemical.”

Uh, is this real life? Does NBC really expect us to believe Trump said she dipped her computers in acid? Do they not know what a metaphor is? Considering the software they used to erase the hard drives was called “BleachBit,” referring to the process as “acid washed” is pretty accurate.

Although considering Clinton’s people once smashed cell phones with hammers to destroy data, I wouldn’t put it past them to dump computers in acid.

But this hilarious attempt at distorting basic language is now the norm for outlets like NBC, CNN, and the New York Times. It’s a disgrace. The American people deserve the facts, not bogus spins and blatant lies from the media.

What’s even more amazing: that tweet is still live. NBC refuses to acknowledge their mistake, leaving it up for the world to see.

Source: Breitbart

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