Trump Signs Bold New Policy For America, Now Liberals Are Renouncing Their Citizenship

President Trump has never been one to “follow the rules.” As a business man, candidate, and now president, he breaks long-held expectations that can hold us back.

That is one of the reasons why he’s so successful. And his choice to shake up the status quo is what makes Americans of all stripes love him.

Which is just what he was doing this past week.

From IJR:

President Donald Trump on Monday broke the unofficial rule against presidents wearing headwear in public — and his fans loved it.

During a “Made in America” product showcase, Trump tried on a famous Stetson cowboy hat for the cameras. The event marked the launch of “Made in America” week, part of the president’s initiative to increase U.S. manufacturing.

It’s been a while since a president has been photographed in a cowboy hat. It seemed like Trump’s fans really liked the surprise move…

“Remember the old days? We used to have made in the USA, made in America. … We’re going to start doing that again,” Trump said. “We’re going to put that brand on our product, because it means it’s the best.”

Trump then announced he would sign a presidential proclamation establishing “Made in America” week and naming July 17 “Made in America Day.”

Trump’s push for “Made in America Day,” celebrates all the wonderful products crafted in our country. It champions American hard work and labor. And of course, he was going to sport one of those fine Stetsons as part of the day.

Liberals can’t stand American exceptionalism, and it would be no surprise if more of them fled the country after the first batch left when his presidency began.

The idiotic notion that presidents shouldn’t wear unusual hats goes back to failed Democratic nominee Michael Dukakis, when he wore a tank-commander’s helmet. Yeah, I think it’s high time we undid that custom.

Considering that our current POTUS looked great in an American-made cowboy hat, I doubt his supporters minded.

Things are changing under the Trump administration, both big and small.

Source: IJR

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