Trump Proposes STUNNING Idea In Terror Speech…Has Liberals OUTRAGED!

We have an immigration problem, plain and simple. With each new terrorist attack—or attempt at an attack—the problem grows into a crisis. For years we have allowed people to flock our country, many illegally via an unprotected Mexican border, who have not shown to be supportive of our values.

Most Americans will agree that immigration is a wonderful thing. Many Americans are children of immigrants, who bravely left their countries to start a new life in the United States. The difference between those historical immigrants and many immigrants today is that they used to accept the American way of life.

Today there are many coming to America who refuse to let go of the destructive, toxic ideologies of their homeland and adopt the values of freedom, independence, and personal liberty.

That needs to stop. We are seeing more attacks from American citizens, whose parents came here and refused to embrace our way of life. They held onto evil views that support violence and hate.

But what are the liberals doing to combat this danger? Nothing. In fact, Hillary Clinton wants to increase the number of people like this by a massive percentage.

Only Republican candidate for president Donald Trump seems to be proposing a sound plan to keep our country safe.

From CNN:

Donald Trump on Monday upped his call for action against radical Islam in an effort to reclaim the offensive on national security, proposing an ideological test to keep would-be immigrants with radical views out of the US.

The proposal was one of several Trump outlined in an Ohio speech laying out his vision for fighting Islamic extremism. In doing so, he sought to turn the tables on critics who are depicting him as unfit to serve as commander in chief and accused Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton of lacking the “mental and physical stamina” to fight ISIS.

This is nothing new. Historically the United States had tests, mental and otherwise, to would-be immigrants before they entered the country. Ellis Island, once a station for incoming immigrants, would provide several screenings before newcomers were allowed in.

Critics have attacked Donald Trump’s stance on immigration from the beginning. Yet they do not propose anything close to a solution. The Democrats only seem to want to invite more dangerous, undocumented individuals into our country, with no effort in making sure they will support and defend America.

Trump’s plan will go a long way in making our borders safe and preventing terrorists from taking more American lives. Let’s hope more people see the sanity in it.

Source: CNN

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