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BRUTAL – Trump Supporter CRASHES Hillary Event…There’s Just One PROBLEM…
By Cheryl Chumley|September 20, 2016

Well, this tells you a lot about a campaign.

One of Hillary Clinton’s campaign offices was planning on holding a canvassing event to drum up voter excitement and support in the small town of Delaware, Ohio. But the event hardly went as planned.

First off, there was only one person who turned up to help out with the door-knocking.

And second off: that one person was a Trump supporter.

The Independent Journal Review told the story, beginning with how the man with a camera who went by the name Eric showed up at the Clinton headquarters in Delaware, only to be met by enthusiastic canvassing and campaign officials. But their enthusiasm soon turned sour, after he explained he was there to take behind-scenes pictures and video of the lonely Clinton canvass event, and use them in support of Trump.

“At first, everyone seemed thrilled that he was there,” IJR reported. “Two tables laid out with Clinton/Kaine signs and sign-up sheets were flanked by empty chairs. But then he explained why he was really there. The Clinton volunteers quickly – but very politely – escorted him from the building.”

The undercover Trump supporter tweeted out a photo of the scene, alongside some damning text.

It read: “BREAKING @HillaryClinton has NO ground game in Delaware, Ohio.”

Clinton is struggling to gain a foothold on the campaign trail in Delaware, Ohio, where Republicans outnumber Democrats three to one. But the GOP in the community may not automatically go for Trump, IJR reported.

“Most of Delaware County was firmly behind Ohio Governor John Kasich, who has continued to make things difficult for Trump in Ohio since he himself left the presidential race several months ago,” the news outlet reported.”

No doubt Ohio is a key battleground.  But it looks like it may be ripe for the picking if the Republican establishment will get out of the way.

Source: Independent Journal Review

Cheryl Chumley
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