Trump Supporter Goes Viral Cleaning Donald’s Hollywood Star, Then She Receives SICK Backlash

What happened to decency?

It used to be that people were applauded for doing the right thing. When a person stood up for their values and tried to defend respect, those around that person would champion them.

Nowadays, however, people who do the right thing are criticized and lampooned. Even if someone is just trying to be decent, everyone who disagrees with that person is quick to attack them.

This is not more apparent anywhere other than in Hollywood, where a young woman was attacked online for cleaning President Trump’s star.

From The Daily Wire:

After a post featuring 20-year-old Makenna Greenwald cleaning President Donald Trump’s Hollywood star went viral, enraged leftists targeted the young, pretty female online.

I mean, young females are supposed to hate President Trump and vandalize his star, not clean it. How dare she. 

“Stopped to clean [Donald Trump’s] Hollywood Star. Nothing but respect for MY President,” Greenwald captioned photos of herself cleaning the Hollywood Boulevard star.

In response, angry leftists predictably slandered Greenwald as a “white supremacist,” mocked her, and accused her of being a phony attention-seeker.

The only thing that Ms. Greenwald wanted to do was to show respect to her president.

Disgusting liberals thought that they could deface President Trump’s star, and Ms. Greenwald did something about it in a respectable, decent manner.

The response from the Left, however, was anything but respectable and decent. They attacked Ms. Greenwald’s character and motives, and they called her horrible names.

This is no way to gain sympathy. No one wants to side with people who cannot even understand the value of respect.

Americans are quickly realizing that the Left is an ignorant, repulsive organization. Hopefully, more people will abandon the divisive Left and join President Trump.

Source: The Daily Wire

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