TERROR ALERT: Trump Supporters Targeted for Violence…What You Need To Know

News has circulated that groups have been forming to disrupt and attack attendees at Trump rallies.

We now know that leftist anarchist website ItsGoingDown.org is largely responsible for these attacks, according to their own statement.

They have openly announced their intentions of using violence against anyone who supports Donald Trump.

As reported by Breitbart:

Calling the Trump campaign one “direct response to the Black Lives Matter movement, Barack Obama’s presidency, and what they see as an existential threat to white supremacy” the article states in no uncertain terms that: “Support of Donald Trump and by extension these aims is enough to justify oneself as a target of anti-racist violence.”

Forgetting the fact that Donald Trump has never supported or endorsed a racist agenda, how can “anti-racist violence” be acceptable?

Where are the law enforcement agents now?

We live in a world where teachers are harassed for complaining on Twitter, but when a group openly threatens thousands of Americans, nothing happens.

Breitbart cont’…

Actions against Trump’s Oakland event were called for by various student activist groups on the University of Pittsburgh campus as well as by WHAT’S UP?!, a local anti-racism group. ANSWER, a front group for the Pittsburgh chapter of Party for Socialism and Liberation, issued a call for a rally and march to Trump’s main campaign event in downtown.

What sad times we’re living in. A generation ago, Civil Rights groups, lead by men like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., advocated a policy of peaceful nonviolence. He and his supporters successfully changed America for the better. Now we have a group of petulant brats who are willing to shed blood to further a non-cause. Trump is not the enemy of minorities in America, every coward who wants to incite violence is.

But this group’s message is spreading, making every attendee at a Trump rally a target. My question is: are we going to stand for it? Are we going to let a bunch of immature bullies dictate our constitutional right to peaceably assemble?

I hope not.

Source: Breitbart

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