Report: Trump Could Get Another Supreme Court Pick Soon, All Because Of Roy Moore

Roy Moore’s loss in the Alabama senate race shocked republicans. The deeply conservative state elected Doug Jones, a far-left liberal. His influence on the state will be devastating. The impact could affect Alabama for years to come.

It also puts the republican majority of Congress in question. The GOP only has a slim control over the Senate. With mid-term elections coming up next year, it could spell trouble. Should democrats win more seats, Trump’s plans could be ruined.

Which puts many things in doubt. That includes the selection of new Supreme Court Justices. That might force certain current Justices to make a decision.

From Daily Caller:

Doug Jones’ victory in Tuesday’s special Senate election in Alabama may change Justice Anthony Kennedy’s calculus as he mulls retirement…

Given his age and political inclinations, it is reasonable to assume he would like to retire and would prefer to do so under a Republican president. Jones’ stunning victory Tuesday betrayed the vulnerability of the GOP’s Senate majority, and the very real possibility that Democrats will seize control of the upper chamber in November 2018…

Therefore, Kennedy’s options appear limited. Unless he retires at or before the end of the Court’s current term, there is a reasonable chance his successor will not be confirmed until a single party again controls the White House and the Senate. If Republicans retain their Senate majority in 2018, he will have some flexibility. But if Democrats prevail, it may be years — perhaps a decade — before one party controls both branches of government and another justice is confirmed.

Ever sphinx-like, there’s no way of knowing what exactly the justice is thinking. But we do know that he can count to 51 — and that he can’t count on a functional confirmation process for much longer.

We don’t know what will happen come November 2018. The Alabama special election was unlike any other. Roy Moore would have won, had allegations of abuse not appeared. The slander discouraged many conservatives from going to the polls.

Future races will be nothing like that, as long as GOP candidates have sterling records. Democrats will always fight dirty. But sexual accusations are not a winning strategy.

The GOP might hold onto the Senate. It might not. That uncertainty might affect Kennedy’s decision to retire. If he is concerned that Trump won’t be able to appoint a Justice in a year, he might step down early 2018.

Several sitting Justices are well over retirement age. It’s a good chance they will step down in the coming years. But if Trump doesn’t have the support of Congress, he will have a hard time appointing replacements.

We will have to wait and see what Kennedy decides. Either way, all eyes will be on the 2018 elections.

Source: Daily Caller

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