Top Trump Surrogate Floats “NUCLEAR OPTION” Against Clinton…Could It WORK?

One of Donald Trump’s most outspoken supporters has been Roger Stone, an investigator who has uncovered numerous Clinton family crimes and misdemeanors. He’s once again come to Trump’s defense, now that the Democrats are redeploying their argument that Trump hates women.

As a guest on the Jamie Weinstein Show, Stone wisely pointed out that Team Clinton has to be very careful when wielding that particular charge:

“It would be a mistake to attack Trump as a misogynist, because Hillary Clinton is an accessory after the fact in every one of her husband’s sex crimes,” he said.

Stone, who has no official role in the Trump campaign, insisted that the decision to go nuclear would be in Clinton’s hands. If she continues her attacks against Trump, Trump will have no choice but to retaliate in kind.

“The issue here is not adultery, or marital infidelity, or girlfriends or mistresses. The issue is something much darker. Sexual assaults, violence against women and rape. That’s the issue,” Stone said, explaining that if Clinton continued to allege that Trump was sexist the GOP candidate would launch these attacks.

The Democrats want American voters to believe that Trump’s (alleged) mistreatment of a former beauty pageant contestant (who has a record of bizarre and possibly criminal behavior herself) is somehow on the same level of Bill and Hillary’s well-documented deeds going back decades.

It sounds crazy but unfortunately there are millions of Americans willing to make that rationalization, with a lot of help from the mainstream media.

Source: Conservative Tribune

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