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IT’S ON! Trump Threatens GOP, Now THEY Have Responded…Watch The EXPLOSIVE VIDEOS
By PJ Editor|April 18, 2016

It seems like a strange strategy for Donald Trump.

He is trying to win the backing of the 1237 delegates and then unite the Republican Party behind his candidacy by attacking the delegates, insulting the Party and accusing everyone invloved of being liars, cheats and criminals.

It seem that Republican Nation Committee chairman Reince Priebus has had enough. He took to the Sunday talk shows and pushed back hard against Trump, as reported in The Daily Wire…

Visibly agitated, the RNC chair stated that Trump’s “hyperbole” is nothing more than “rhetoric.” “These are the same rules that have been in place basically for over a century,” asserted Priebus. Indeed, the delegate system is the same system that chose Abraham Lincoln as the Republican nominee in 1860.

Undermining the false narrative that Trump was somehow blind-sided, Priebus continued, “All of these states submitted their delegate allocation plans by October 1st of 2015.”

Priebus was responding to Trump’s rhetoric, which has continued. Just the day before Trump claimed…

At a campaign rally on Saturday, the real estate mogul doubled down on his conspiracy theories, accusing his own party of foul play. “It’s a whole phony deal, just like what’s happening with the Republican Party in terms of this delegate deal,” Trump told his supporters. At one point, the billionaire businessman even threatened the party if it didn’t “straighten out[.]”

Watch both Priebus’s interview and Trump threat below. This thing is just getting hotter!


Source: Daily Wire


PJ Editor
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