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Trump Train Gains Momentum from NFL Hall of Famer’s Surprising Announcement!
By Kay Johnson|December 14, 2016

President-Elect Donald Trump has accomplished an amazing feat. His eighteen month campaign could easily be viewed as “The Little Engine That Could.” After a long primary process in which he was personally paying for his own campaign, Trump successfully won the Republican nomination and unified the party. Then he had to endure four solid months of vicious, inappropriate attacks on him and the Republican Party, which were led by none other than our disgrace of a former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. She was so desperate to win, her attacks by calling Donald Trump and his supporters “deplorable” led to massive uproar against her ill-thought words. On Election Day, she paid the price, because the American people set a mandate against her and the extreme left wing agenda of alienating everyone.

As a breath of fresh air, Donald Trump has instead chosen to include everybody in on his agenda to “Make America Great Again.” He has proven in the past month that he will meet with and listen to everybody, because he understands every American deserves the opportunity to live their dream in a country that will support them and not tear their dreams down.

These actions have not gone unnoticed, especially by NFL Legend Jim Brown. Mr. Brown was a Hillary Clinton supporter, but has completely changed his view of Donald Trump after meeting with him this week.

“When he goes through what he went through to become the president, he got my admiration,” Brown said. “No one gave him a chance.”

Brown further explained his change of heart during his interview with Fox News:

“The President-elect has already said he’s in. We made a presentation to him about economic development in the black community, about families, about the state of our black communities in this discussion. And he realizes that with the education and the attack on the violence that takes place that we can then get on the right track…. He is not a phony.”

It is so refreshing that Donald Trump is able to unite the country by listening to his constituency and viewing them as Americans who want to see a better country. He does not alienate, he simply engages for the good of America. This is what a true leader does, and Donald Trump is setting himself up to provide this country with the guidance it needs to maintain our exceptionalism that we are meant to sustain!

Kay Johnson
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