Trump Traitor Exposed As Faithless Elector’s Radical Ties And Vile Behavior Come To Light!

A lot has been made of so-called “faithless electors,” people selected by their states to represents the voters in the electoral college that will officially choose the president on December 19.

In the past, one or two electors have broken with tradition ans failed to support the winner of the popular vote in their state, but this time many democrats are banking on 37 Trump electors defying their voters and instead voting for Hillary Clinton.

Not that it would matter, even if Trump is denied by the Electoral College, the vote would be thrown to the US House of Representatives where Republicans would elect him anyway. So the whole thing is yet another meaningless leftist exercise in futility, the same style over substance approach they have taken to governing for the last eight years.

None, the less, there is at least one Republican elector that has broken with Trump. The left has grasp on to this loser as proof that there is a widespread movement to deny Trump the presidency, or at least damage him before he is sworn in.

Now we are learning more about this alleged Republican elector and a clear picture is emerging of a left-wing plant with all of the moral character we have come to expect of a shifty, dishonest radical left agitator.

Mad World News has the story…

Not only is this man tied to leftist radical groups including Van Jones and the domestic terror group Black Lives Matter, but he’s quite the slimeball in his personal life too.

According to a bombshell by the investigators from Got News, Suprun had joined Ashley Madison to have an affair back in 2012. Not only did he do it while he was still married with 3 children under the age of 10, but he did it just months after claiming he was completely broke after filing for bankruptcy.

The Republic will survive Chris Suprun and the democrats half baked plan to de-legitimize Donald Trump, the rot it represents in America’s oldest party is hard to ignore. For months before the election, Hillary Clinton and the Democrat Party claimed that Trump’s questioning of the legitimacy of the system represented a fundamental threat to American democracy. But now they are revealed!

The real threat is the tendency of the left in the United States and around the world to see democracy as the means to obtain and retain political power rather than a fundamental feature of the system itself. They are pro-democracy as long as it serves their ends. But make no mistake, it is power and not democracy that is their end.

The imposition of socialism requires force because it fundamentally demands that people act against their own rational interests. The only way that can happen is at the barrel of a gun.

It is incumbent on every citizen in a free society to know that when the left gets power, consent becomes command and the will of the people becomes subservient to the desires of the state, always backed by violence to achieve its ends. The story of the faithless elector is not about democrats upset with an election, it is about their loathing of the American people when we don’t do what they want and they lack the power to force their will upon us.

This is why every truly free American must stay engaged and remain ever vigilant. Even if they talk about democratic socialism, socialism itself always ends the same way…by men with guns forces the will of the ruling elite upon the people they purport to represent.

Source: Mad World News

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