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Trump Turned Politics UPSIDE DOWN…Here’s How He DESTROYED The Media And Won Over America!
By Cheryl Chumley|November 30, 2016

Like or hate Donald Trump, everyone has to admit: the man knows how to market.

How else to explain his win of the White House over the absolute hatred of the left, many on the right and, more importantly, most of the media? Yet Trump managed to get his message to the heartland of America – the regular folk who, like the billionaire businessman, wanted nothing more than a clear path to “Make America Great Again.”

Trump’s secret, turns out, is pretty simple.

“There may be no better way to tell the story of Trump’s success than to pull up the hood on his social media operation and look at the raw analytics,” Breitbart reported.

Dan Scavino, Trump’s social media director, told Breitbart that the president-elect’s Facebook page reached more than 21 billion impressions, from campaign to November 22. During that same time frame, that same Facebook page recorded more than 484 million engagements and almost 50 million “likes.” And the videos posted on the site received more than 1.3 billion views.

And the social media swirl continues.

“Trump’s Twitter account now has 16.2 million followers,” Breitbart reported, “and his Facebook account has 15.6 million likes. His Instagram account has 4.2 million followers. Between the three, that’s 36 million people his personal social media accounts reach.”

Scavino said the success is all due to Trump’s messaging, not backroom boardroom strategy.

“He loves communicating with the American people,” Scavino said, Breitbart reported. “He loves seeing what is going out.”

It’s historic, that’s for sure.

“It has never been seen before,” Scavino said, the news outlet reported. ‘And it will never be seen again. We didn’t have a massive team, just a few of us working on all of his social platforms.”

But it worked because “it offered Americans a window into who Trump really is,” Breitbart reported.

It also allowed him to bypass some of his greatest haters and biggest detractors, also known as Mainstream Media.

Source: Breitbart

Cheryl Chumley
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