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BREAKING: Trump Unleashes GARGANTUAN Border Thunderbolt – Illegals Are HATING This!
By Faith Braverman|April 5, 2017

President Theodore Roosevelt once said that his foreign policy called for him to, “Speak softly and carry a big stick.”

While that strategy may have worked for Teddy, President Trump has taken a decidedly different approach to foreign policy, speaking loudly about the threats to the nation that Obama repeatedly swept under the rug.

Trump has been vocal about many of the dire issues that are negatively impacting America, but he has most frequently addressed the subject that has caused many of our country’s greatest problems: illegal immigration.

Now Trump’s tough talk appears to be having the desired effect…but no one could have imagined it would be this effective!

From The Washington Times:

Illegal immigration across the southwest border is down more than 60 percent so far under President Trump, officials revealed Tuesday, even before the first new agent is hired or the first mile of his promised border wall is constructed.

Mr. Trump took a victory lap over the “record reductions” in illegal crossers, saying he is already saving Americans’ jobs by preventing them from having to compete with unauthorized workers.

“Down 61 percent since inauguration. Gen. Kelly is doing a fantastic job,” Mr. Trump told a labor union gathering in Washington, praising Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly, a retired Marine Corps general.

These numbers are proof positive that addressing problems head on gets results.

Illegal immigrants were emboldened under our former president to sneak into the country. Obama constantly depicted those who criticized illegal immigrants as lacking compassion, ignoring the fact that critics only wanted our borders to be secure.

But now non-citizens know that they are dealing with a new sheriff in town, and their days of disregard for our nation’s laws are over.

Many doubted Trump’s tactics while he was running for office, but he has proven yet again to be the much needed medicine America needs.

Perhaps now the drugs and crime that were running unchecked across our border under Obama can now become a thing of the past.

Source: The Washington Times

Faith Braverman
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