Trump Makes An Unusual Move On Air Force One…Liberals Are Offended, ENRAGED!

It stands to reason to say that Donald Trump has an adversarial relationship with the press.

The liberal media has been attacking him since he started his campaign. They have slandered his reputation, family, and businesses. They have distorted the facts, released biased polls, blatantly violated their own ethics to support his rival, and openly lied.

Even after they failed to stop his victory on Election Day, they’ve continued this pattern of disrespect for the President-elect and now President.

But Donald Trump is not a man easily cowed by the press. He cannot be deterred by bullies, even ones in the media. All of their tactics against him have failed. And they will continue to do so.

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So it’s not too surprising to learn if sometimes he doesn’t bother pandering to them.

From The Political Insider:

People on Twitter and social media are furious that President Donald J. Trump didn’t wave to reporters as he boarded Air Force One this afternoon. This is supposedly his first flight since becoming President, and was on his way to the 2017 GOP retreat to address Republican office holders.

Apparently, he was supposed to wave at the media, but declined. And now liberals are losing their minds over it.

Really?  The media is so petty, so childish, so disrespectful of our Commander in Chief they have to throw a temper tantrum over him not waving at them when he leaves.

Hmm, I wonder why that could be? Maybe it’s because this is the same media who release fraudulent documents about him spending time with prostitutes in Russian.  Maybe it’s the same media who spread rumors about his 10-year old son Barron. Maybe it’s the same media who attacked his wife.

Maybe it’s the same media who continues to insult the millions of Americans Trump has vowed to defend.

And they’re upset he didn’t wave to them?

It’s time we oust this pathetic batch of unprofessional, disgraceful, and insulting “journalists.” Time and time we see how despicable they behave.

We deserve better.

Source: The Political Insider

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