WHOA: After Trump Victory, Liberal Media RETREATED…But Now They’re Trying To CENSOR…

The 1st Amendment to the Constitution delineates in writing the fact that our RIGHT to be informed and speak our personal opinions cannot be infringed or in anywise “restricted” by the government or any groups or individuals who might be offended by them.

There is one caveat in all this, however, and that is if the news sources themselves censor what the public is allowed to see by simply preventing information from being disseminated on social media.

In other words, if Facebook, Twitter and all the other social media outlets censor themselves, then they get to determine what criteria they will use to flag blogs that are considered offensive. In this case, the 1st Amendment goes right out the window.

Here’s what Allen B West said about it:

I’d forewarned y’all that the evil empire would strike back. And here we are, one week after the presidential election won by Donald Trump and we see the progressive socialist left doing everything it can to undermine the president-elect.

Allen B West goes on to speak about what the progressive left has in store for us:

As reported by International Business Times, On Tuesday Twitter announced it was rolling out new tools for reporting abuse on its network and later that day it suspended numerous “alt-right” accounts. Then Facebook came under fire after a report exposed it knew how to combat fake news articles, but did not tackle the problem for fear of conservative backlash. Facebook has since removed ads from fake news sites and a “rogue” team allegedly been put in place to take on fake news. Google, who was criticized for fake news filtering onto its front page, is also taking action to ensure more real reporting from credible outlets is highlighted. On the surface this news seems positive, but to some Donald Trump supporters this news means one thing: censorship. 

There is even a list of “Fake News” sites that will probably be targeted:


The list includes such conservative sites as Breitbart, Infowars, The Blaze, Project Veritas, and Independent Journal Review.

How long do you suppose it will be before we hear calls from prominent leftists wanting more restrictions placed upon news web sites and social media to prevent information from public exposure like what we’ve seen coming out of WikiLeaks?

The corrupt, Progressive left is determined to shut down conservatism at every turn—thankfully we will have a President who will protect our Constitutional rights and will not let the liberal mainstream media control the minds of the American people!

Source: Allen B West

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