Trump Violates THIS “Tradition”…Twitter Freak-Out Ensues

Now that Donald Trump is the president-elect, the media has had to change its line of attack. Because they can’t prevent him from moving into the Oval Office, the best it can do is cook up bizarre stories about “chaos in the Trump camp” as it works to fill more than 4,000 administrative positions in just over a month.

Hilariously, the same liberal media that has spent generations mocking “tradition” has suddenly discovered a new-found respect for it. They’re accusing Trump of violating “tradition” by, you’ll never guess, going out for dinner without telling them:

Trump leaves press behind for steak dinner, showing lack of transparency

— NBC News (@NBCNews) November 16, 2016

The American people *depend* on accurate info re potus whereabouts. Hoping for an appreciation of this, to uphold solemn WH/press tradition.

— Steven Portnoy (@stevenportnoy) November 16, 2016

Looks like Trump went out for dinner tonight — but the president-elect’s press pool was not notified, so journalists are not on the trip

— Brian Stelter (@brianstelter) November 16, 2016

Some thought these tweets came from a satirical parody site, but no; these are all verified media Twitter accounts, reporting the earth-shattering news that Trump took his family out for a post-election dinner at a fancy restaurant and didn’t invite reporters to come along.

After spending almost two years calling Trump and his family every name they could, suddenly journalists can’t figure out why he’d ditch them at the earliest opportunity.

These tweets and other weird reactions from the likes MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow help explain why the media got the entire election wrong and why average Americans think the media are, frankly, disconnected.

And they still just don’t get it.

Credit: Independent Journal Review

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