Trump WARNED YOU! MAJOR Swing State Voters ROBBED Of…

One day to go and another report of voter fraud, this time from one of the most competitive counties in Florida.

Donald Trump’s exact warning of this situation, which he’s been delivering for weeks on the campaign trail, earned him mocks, jeers and condescending remarks. Yet, here it is.

Breitbart reports that fraudsters stole and forged signatures on five absentee ballots in one Florida county.

The issue came to light when voters in Seminole County wondered what was taking so long for their absentee ballots to arrive by mail. So one of the voters called his Seminole County Supervisor of Elections Office to find out what was going on, shocked to hear that his ballot had already been cast.

Apparently, someone faked his name, filled out the ballot, and signed and mailed it in. Several other voters in the same community discovered they were victims of the same fraud.

While Seminole County’s Supervisor of Elections Mike Ertel wouldn’t say who the forged ballots were cast for, Breitbart reported that the fraudulent votes were sent on behalf of voters who were registered as both democrat and republican. Also according to Breitbart, registered republicans have a slight edge on registered democrats in Seminole County, outnumbering them by roughly 15,000 voters.

Source: Breitbart

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