Trump Wins Again…His EPIC Response to ‘Star of David’ Controversy Just PROVES It!

We’ve seen since be beginning of his campaign how the media’s attacked Donald Trump. They’ve called him any number of vile slurs, went after his family, and tried to discredit his business. But every attack has turned out to give the man more press and higher ratings.

The media hasn’t learned that all the attention they’ve been giving Trump has only helped him grow more popular among American voters. Their feeble and unwarranted attacks have failed, leaving only his name and reputation in viewers’ minds.

The latest attack is hilarious.

Trump recently released an image calling out Hillary’s corruption. One of the graphics he used was a six pointed sheriff’s star. But to the tiny brains in mainstream media, it looked an awful lot like the Star of David. So they tried to portray the ad as somehow Anti-Semitic. Despite the fact it had nothing to do with the Jewish people.

Donald Trump was quick to correct them and replace the image, but it didn’t change the fact that the media spread the image–that called Hillary Clinton corrupt–all over the Internet. It reached people who don’t follow Trump on social media.  It reached more people than had the media just ignored it.

Good job, liberal news, you’re helping Trump win!

From Breitbart:

And Trump prolonged the story by deleting the original tweet, reposting the tweet with the star changed to a circle, tweeting about the media reading too much into the star shape, and then putting out a press release not only attacking the media but also comparing this “scandal” to a scandal about Hillary Clinton’s FBI investigation. This kept these news organizations sharing the “Crooked Hillary” meme all through the weekend and the Independence Day holiday.

Liberal outlets like CBS, ABC, CNN, The Hill, Politico, and many more helped spread Donald’s message that Hillary is the most corruption politician ever to everyone on their social networks.  A vast audience of readers who are normally feed liberal slop were exposed to a clear image announcing Hillary’s hypocrisy. The pathetic attempt to make Trump look anti-Semitic went down in flames.

Let’s hope the left continues to help Trump spread his message. It’s been working so far.

Source: Breitbart

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