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Trump Wins Major Honor…Liberals Move To IMMEDIATELY Undue It [PATHETIC]
By PJ Editor|April 25, 2016

Robert E. Lee is out of fashion.

Therefore Moscow on the Colorado, aka Austin Texas, must erase the confederate general from their collective memory, lest he be permitted to commit micro-aggressions against them every time they drop the kids off.

Conservative Times picks up the story…

Liberals in the leftist enclave of Austin, Texas, thought they were doing a good thing when they decided to rename Robert E. Lee Elementary School. So, they decided to open up the renaming process to the sensible, liberal denizens of their fair city.

Who won the vote? None other than Donald J. Trump.

Can you imagine anything more offensive to leftists than Roberty E. Lee? If you said Donald Trump, you are right.

Unfortunately, the vote isn’t binding, which means that when the school board picks a name on May 23, it’s somewhat unlikely that Trump will be the new name. That’s rather a shame, I think. I was looking forward to Making Grammar School Great Again™.

Hopefully the sensible folks who voted for The Donald will fight to protect their democratic decision. It’s kind of a microcosm for the whole country right now.

The surprise that many liberals have felt over this decision mirrors the shock of the mainstream media over Trump’s success.

Should the school be renamed for Trump?

Source: Conservative Times

PJ Editor
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