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Trump Won…But Our Job Has JUST BEGUN!
By PJ Editor|November 11, 2016

Yes, we did our civic duty to stop the big government, bureaucratic politicians from continuing their run through office.

We’ve celebrated graciously, quite the opposite as the destructive, angry liberals taking to the American streets to, well, destroy them.

But all of this doesn’t mean our work is over. In fact, now more than ever, we can’t rest. We have to ensure that our democracies and country thrive and grow under this new president, which we’ve worked so hard to elect after eight years of suffering under the current regime!

According to a post by the Wall Street Journal:

Our democratic republic is vibrant and alive. It is not resigned. It is still capable of delivering a result so confounding it knocks you into the next room.

Nobody rigged this. Nobody hacked it. There weren’t brawls at polling places. There was kindness and civility…All this in a highly charged, highly dramatic and divisive election. We did our democratic work, and then went home. It all worked…

Donald Trump said he had a movement and he did. This is how you know. His presidential campaign [did not include] state-of-the-art get-out-the-vote effort. His voters got themselves out. There was no high-class, high-tech identifying of supporters — they identified themselves. They weren’t swayed by the barrage of brilliantly produced ads — those ads hardly materialized…

It was a natural, self-driven eruption. Which makes it all the more impressive and moving. And it somehow makes it more beautiful that few saw it coming…

Those who come to this [article] know why I think what happened happened. The unprotected people of America, who have to live with Washington’s policies, rebelled against the protected, who make and define those policies and who care little if at all about the unprotected. That broke bonds of loyalty and allegiance. Tuesday was in affect an uprising of the unprotected. It was part of the push-back against detached elites…

There is something I have seen very personally over the past few days… Trump supporters are overwhelmingly citizens of good will and patriotic intent who never deserved to be deplored as racist, sexist, thuggish…

A Trump administration will be populated by three kinds of people: loyalists, opportunists and patriots. The loyalists earned their way…[and] the opportunists have a place in every administration…[but] it is the patriots who matter, many of whom kept away Mr. Trump in the past. They are needed now. They have heft, wisdom, experience and insight…

Donald Trump doesn’t know how to be president. He isn’t a reader of the presidency. He’s never held office.

The next president needs you. This is our country help him.

So go out, do what you can to maintain your support and allegiance to this country and the freedoms we will have returned to us. Know that we, each individual and patriot, will make a difference and contribute to the success of our chosen president.

Source: Wall Street Journal

PJ Editor
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