Trump’s BEST Anti-Hillary Ad REVEALED…Brought To You By OBAMA! [WATCH]

Way back in 2008, there was a heated battle within the DNC. Senator Barack Obama was contesting with then Senator Hillary Clinton in their presidential primary. We know how that turned out, of course, but there may be a few things we’ve forgotten.

One of the reasons Obama clinched the nomination was his strong attacks against Hillary. It also seemed like the left was eager to push him forward, out of their utter contempt for the woman.

Now that she’s back in the candidate’s seat, they have all but ignored Obama’s own dire words about her corruption and dishonesty.

But the internet doesn’t forget my friends.

From Clash Daily:

Here is one Obama speech that Hillary wishes that she could dump into Bleach Bit.

Watch Obama’s anti-Hillary speech here:

How will CNN and her OTHER surrogates spin this damning speech to make it ‘go away’?

If they call him a liar — what does that make her?

She served under him.

It’s hard for liberals to defend Hillary when the current liberal president has bashed her so thoroughly. Yet the left pretends this never happened. Why? Hmm, maybe because they are all hypocrites?

Source: Clash Daily

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