WOW: Trump’s Breaking All The Rules…Has Hillary Campaign In Complete CHAOS!

Donald Trump’s unorthodox campaign has political experts reeling. He’s breaking all the traditional rules, so should campaign strategists for the Democrats do likewise? Or is that too great a risk? After all, the whole reason for Trump’s popularity is that he’s so different from Hillary Clinton. What works for him might not work for her, or any other candidate from either party, for that matter.

These highly paid consultants keep watching “conventional wisdom” turn out to be useless in predicting success. As the clock ticks, they are scrambling to keep up with Trump’s maneuvers:

Clinton’s campaign, Democrats say, has little choice but to stick with its plan. The always-measured Clinton, they argue, can’t out-improvise one of the most unpredictable politicians of the modern era.

“We’re going through the roller-coaster rides of campaigns. All she can do is just keep plowing ahead,” said Steve Schale, a Democratic strategist who ran Obama’s Florida operation in 2008 and advised him four years later. “She’s going to win it by grinding it out.”

“Everybody in the primary at one point or another tried to take Donald Trump down in the way you take someone down who says absurd things and none of them worked,” said Rick Tyler, a former aide to primary rival Sen. Ted Cruz. “She’s trying to do more of the same. And more of the same isn’t working.”

In other words, what worked so well for Obama won’t necessarily work for Hillary, for the obvious reason that they are two very different people. Sticking to the traditional playbook may be the worst thing she and her team can do.

Credit: Yahoo! News

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