WOW: Trump’s Cabinet of Business Advisors REVEALED…Obama’s Legacy Is WIPED OUT!

The distinctions between Mr. Obama and Mr. Trump could hardly be more obvious. While Mr. Obama has been dedicated to increasing the power and scope of the federal government, Mr. Trump has promised to reduce regulations and cut corporate taxes. Obama is a true globalist, while Trump has championed an America First policy.

The list of distinctions goes on and touches on well-known issues such as immigration, relationships with foreign governments, and the role of the US military in foreign policy. Because the differences between these two men are so deep and profound, it’s little wonder that Mr. Obama desperately campaigned for Hillary Clinton. With Hillary’s defeat, Obama’s legacy is going to come unraveled starting on day one of the Trump presidency.  In fact, it has already begun.

Retiring Mr. Obama from public office also means a re-arrangement of alliances, both international and domestic. For example, the strong affection the mainstream media has had for Mr. Obama is not going to transfer to Donald Trump. Hollywood will not be his friend, in spite of Mr. Trump’s star on the Walk of Fame.  And the tech firms that did so much to unofficially use their influence on Mrs. Clinton’s behalf are not going to have a seat at Mr. Trump’s table.

The shifting alliances can be seen in people Mr. Trump has selected for his President’s Strategic and Policy Forum.  This is a group that will be charged with the responsibility of advising the president on economic issues.

The New York Times examines those who are part of this group of business advisors as well as industries that have been excluded from participation:

“Mr. Trump has named 16 business leaders to serve on what’s being called the President’s Strategic and Policy Forum, described as a group meant to guide his administration on economic matters.

“The list is notable for leaning toward New York executives and industries — finance in particular. The list echoes Mr. Trump’s picks for a number of major economic positions, including Treasury secretary (the former Goldman Sachs partner and hedge fund manager Steven T. Mnuchin) and commerce secretary (the billionaire investor Wilbur L. Ross).”

What is interesting is which industries have been left out of this group.  The New York Times reports that “The forum largely excludes technology, home to some of the nation’s best-known, most innovative and biggest companies by market value, which represented over 8 percent of the private sector economy last year, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis.”

Those Silicon Valley technology firms are very hostile to Mr. Trump, and for that matter, to any conservative cause.  We’re talking about the likes of Facebook and Google, companies alleged to have used their massive platforms and audiences as unofficial campaign tools for Mrs. Clinton.  Clearly, the leaders of these tech companies, with few exceptions, are not about to jump on the Trump Train.  So they can sit on the outside and look in.

It’s a real encouragement to see the Silicon Valley CEOs who are at war with traditional, conservative values get told to get to the end of the line.  They’ve not been able to defeat Mr. Trump, even with their huge audiences and powerful ability to manipulate the news.  And they are not going to bully him.

Donald Trump represents a repudiation of Obama’s legacy and Hillary’s corruption.  By the time Trump’s eight years in office are over, it will be tough to find much evidence that Obama or Clinton were ever in power.  And that really is something to look forward to.

Source:  The New York Times

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