SHOCK Poll – Trump’s Comments Have Elites ABANDONING Ship, BUT…

The blow up by the mainstream media over Trump’s 2005 locker room comments are ridiculous and pathetic. All along we knew they had it out for the GOP nominee. The extent to which they are covering these few sentences shows their bias and desperate attempts to malign the front runner of this election.

It wildly hypocritical, considering the heinus acts commited by Bill Clinton, an actual rapist, and the cover ups done by Hillary. The media tends to have a short memory when it comes to the Lewinsky scandal, the many allegations of rape, and the stories of Hillary attacking the victims.

But Trump’s the monster, here. Right.

It will come as no surprise, though, to see the legion of supporters still believe in Trump. They are excercizing a power that the hypocritical media chooses to forget, the power of forgiveness. Yes Trump said a stupid thing, but the does not reflect the leader he is today.

Even the disgustingly biased, disgraceful, unprofessional Huffington Post cannot deny this fact.

According to Politico, after watching a video of Trump’s remarks, “10 percent of Republicans said the video gave them a positive feeling,” while only 22 percent of GOP respondents rated the video a “zero (very negative).”  In terms of favorability, “just 48 percent of GOP voters said it makes them feel less favorably toward Trump, while 36 percent said it doesn’t affect their opinions.”

But the most important finding seems to be that GOP voters do not want Trump to quit the race.

Mark ever Republican leader that is calling for Trump to step down. Do not vote for these people. If they has so little loyalty that they cannot forgive a man for a few sentences said ten years ago, they don’t deserve to represent you.

It’s clear that every GOP leader that is attacking Trump right now never wanted him in the first place. These are the same tired, pathetic, insider politicians that lie to you and want to maintain the broken status quo of Washington.

We can understand by the democrats and the liberal media want Trump gone. But conservatives have no excuse. They should be standing behind their nominee, reasserting their goals of making American great.

Instead they play the cowardly game of politics, abandoning Trump so that they will look good.

These men and women must not be allowed to lead us anymore. Like the broken and corrupt liberals in D.C. these dishonest conservatives must be replaced by strong, uncompromising leadership.

Stand behind your nominee. Cast your vote. But remember who is being forthright during this election, and who is being a coward.

Source: HuffPo

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