Trump’s ICE Director Drops BOMBSHELL, Instantly Terrifies Every Illegal In America

Under the Trump administration, our government is working to end illegal immigration.

ICE and other agencies have been rounding up criminal aliens and deporting them. Illegal entry is down.

But more is being done. Two new pieces of legislation are being considered, that will greatly improve America’s ability to punish illegals and end this terrible practice.

It’s clear, according to ICE Director Homan, that illegals should be worried.

From Daily Caller:

Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Thomas Homan said at a White House press briefing Wednesday that no illegal immigrant should “be comfortable” in the U.S…

Homan said that people who enter the U.S. illegally “should not be comfortable” and instead be “concerned that somebody is looking” for them. However, many illegal immigrants who arrived as minors before 2012 can still feel comfortable as the Trump administration continues to honor the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals amnesty program…

CNN’s senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta asked Homan about the consequences of deporting an illegal immigrant mother who brought her children across the border. He then accused Homan of looking at the issue in a “cold and clinical” manner…

Homan then returned to the podium after a few minutes and said he wanted to respond to the notion that he is “cold” or the “devil.”

He was on the verge of tears as he recounted horror stories during his law enforcement career such as encountering dead children and molested women.

He said the organizations behind these awful crimes move “these people looking for a better life,” and that when “we endorse the non-enforcement of immigration laws we bankroll these organizations.”

Homan is absolutely right. If someone enters this country illegally, they should be worried. They are endangering citizens, breaking the law, and aiding criminal enterprises. They take jobs from American workers, drive wages down, and become a burden on our various systems.

Under Trump, criminal aliens will get caught and deported, plain and simply. Such fake news hacks as Jim Acosta want to distort the issue. They despicably try to portray our hard-working border agents as heartless thugs.

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Yet Acosta and the rest of his lying ilk ignore the fact that people who come here illegally do so thanks to the work of gangs and drug cartels. These women and children are subjected to horrendous conditions. They are indebted some of the worst people in our society. They are often treated as slaves.

Yet liberal hypocrites want this situation to continue! Worse yet they attack the brave men and women who want to end it.

Be sure to spread this story around. Americans need to know that illegal immigration is bad for everyone. And that liberal outlets are exposed as the frauds they are.

Source: Daily Caller

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