BREAKING: Trump’s Latest Cabinet Interview STUNS America! Former Nominee Could Become…

Things are moving fast for President-Elect Donald Trump and his transition team. Rumors are circulating over whom will take keep cabinet positions within his administration.

Trump and VP-elect Mike Pence have meet with numerous people at Trump Tower in New York. No doubt these key republican leaders are offering the team their insight and support; perhaps a few are in the running for important roles in the future administration.

While no official word has been made over the selection of secretary of state, the mainstream media is already making predictions.

Get your salt shakers ready for this one, folks.

From CNBC:

Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney will meet with Donald Trump this weekend to discuss the secretary of state position, a source close to the president-elect with direct knowledge of his thinking told NBC News.

In March, the former Massachusetts governor called Trump “a phony” and “a fraud” when discussing the then-candidate. Trump, who endorsed Romney in 2012, has called him a loser, adding that Romney begged for his endorsement and “would’ve dropped to his knees” for it. He has also said that he “choked like a dog” during his 2012 presidential campaign against President Barack Obama.

Leave it to the mainstream media to make wild predictions over Trump’s SoS. This same media was wrong over just about everything during this election, but now we’re to believe them when it comes to this?

It’s highly unlikely that Trump would select Romney for such a crucial role. Not impossible, but unlikely. Romney was never a supporter of Trump. In fact, he was often touted as a key NeverTrumper throughout the primaries and general election.

So why would Trump select this man to be his secretary of state? We know that the role is key is securing our international relations. Trump needs a SoS that will carry out his plan and vision for America overseas. Romney just doesn’t seem to fit the bill.

I wouldn’t trust any “NBC source,” considering Trump has been limiting access to the mainstream media. This is just speculation on their part, no doubt another attempt at undermining Trump’s plans.

I would believe that Trump invited the man to the tower in order to bury the hatchet. A man with as much experience as Romney can offer something to the transition team. But to give such a big job to him just doesn’t make any sense.

The media was simply guessing during the election, hoping their predictions of failure would come true. Not learning from their mistakes, they’re guessing again.

Rest assured, when the real news comes out over Trump’s SoS pick, we’ll report it here.

Source: CNBC

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