Trump’s New Secretary Of State Candidate Just FLOORED Americans…This Is EXPLOSIVE!

We’ve speculated over the last week as to whom Donald Trump would select as his Secretary of State.

His transition team has already announced several key members of his future administration, including Steve Bannon and Jeff Sessions. News outlets and social networks have had no end of discussion over the pros and cons of his selections and continued to guess at who else would fill out his team.

People—most notably conservatives—have argued over the validity of a Mitt Romney secretary of state. While some suggested his experience and know-how would be an asset to the administration, many Trump supporters have not forgotten how Romney treated him during the election, including his refusal to endorse the GOP candidate.

Many have weighed in, suggesting that Rudy Giuliani should become the SoS. But more news have come forward over a new contender.

From Allen B. West:

One of the highest profile and most important positions yet to be filled is secretary of state. Last week we learned both Rudy Giuliani and Mitt Romney were on the short list. Now we can add another name to that list: General David Petraeus.

A report in The Guardian last week linked Gen Petraeus to the race for secretary of state, citing diplomatic sources.

And now Petraeus himself is signaling his interest.

The BBC reports, General David Petraeus, one of the United States’ most prominent military officers, has indicated he would be willing to serve in President-elect Donald Trump’s administration if asked.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, he said: “The only response can be: ‘yes, Mr President’.”

Gen Petraeus was widely regarded as the man responsible for turning around the Iraq War. The “surge” that helped secure the country and root our Hussein was largely thanks to his leadership.

But his career in government came to a swift end when he was accused of “mishandling classified information” while serving in the CIA, in addition to an extramarital affair.

Should Trump make Petraeus his pick, there will certainly be plenty of complaining and scrutiny over it from the mainstream media, who have made it their role to oppose the incoming President at every turn.

Source: Allen B. West

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